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E-mail queries to:

[email protected]

Due to the high volume of inquiries, please do NOT call; phone messages will not be returned.

Foreign rights for LKLA are handled by:

Betty Anne Crawford
Books Crossing Borders
110 West 40th St., Suite 2305
New York, NY 10018
(212) 840-0400
[email protected]


LINDA KONNER LITERARY AGENCY handles only practical adult nonfiction, written by or with recognized experts in their fields. 

LKLA seeks book projects in the following categories:

• health • relationships • dating/love/marriage/divorce
• diet/fitness • parenting • self-help/popular psychology
• addictions • women's issues • career/business how-to
• how-to • personal finance • popular science

Other categories that will be considered on a book-by-book basis include:

• cookbooks (by well-known chefs, restaurateurs, successful cookbook authors)

• books based on popular/well-trafficked blogs, websites and podcasts

• illustrated/photo books

• celebrity themes

• business narrative

• reference

• pets

• pop culture

How to Submit to LKLA

LKLA accepts queries and submissions via e-mail only.
E-mail: Send a query briefly stating (1) the subject of your proposed book and what makes it different/special; and (2) a brief author biography of yourself and/or your co-author. (Attachments from unknown senders will not be opened.)

Please indicate if this is an exclusive submission—that is, that it is not currently being reviewed by other agents or publishers (preferred)

LKLA normally responds to queries within one to two weeks. If interested, LKLA will request a full nonfiction proposal along with one or two sample chapters.

How to Make Your Submission Stand Out

LKLA icon Your book offers new/groundbreaking/research-based information that has not yet received wide attention.
LKLA icon The premise of/advice in your book is different from what is usually seen or heard.
LKLA icon Your premise is counterintuitive. Best of all, it works, based on a large sampling of the population (not just on you/your family/your friends/your students).
LKLA icon You or your expert co-author’s platform is outstanding and based on many of the following activities or accomplishments:
• professional/academic credentials in the subject you’re writing about (mandatory);
• recent and frequent appearances on national TV or radio;
• recent and frequent appearances in print media—for example, you write a regular column based on the subject of your book or articles about you, your work or your business;
• a popular, heavily-trafficked blog, website or podcast, especially one that has received media coverage;
• recent and frequent lectures to large audiences around the country (representation by one or more speakers’ bureaus is helpful);
• the ability to sell large quantities of your book through your company, your speaking engagements, and/or companies you're affiliated with;
• a track record of previously published books that have sold in large numbers;
• a well-known, relevant person has committed to write the foreword of your book.

LKLA does NOT represent these categories:

Children's/young adult

Due to the high volume of inquiries, LKLA cannot respond to submissions that include any of the subject areas above or queries that otherwise clearly fall outside the guidelines on this page.