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Billy Manas

Billy ManasSpecialties: Recovery, personal development, motivation
Home base: New York City
Web site: billymanas.com

A popular blogger for Elephant Journal, motivational speaker and street-smart musician, Billy Manas is doing what no one has done before: He has made the tried-and-true principles of personal development and goal-setting accessible and enjoyable for a subsection of the population who have been largely ignored by this area—the people of alcohol- and substance-use recovery. Think of an entertaining cross between Tony Robbins and Russell Brand.Kickass Recovery, by Billy Manas

His book, Kickass Recovery: From Your First Year Clean to the Life of Your Dreams, teaches that the key to long-term sobriety is learning how to not just survive—but thrive! Manas knows firsthand that being clean, while a great accomplishment, has to feel good and be fulfilling in order to stick. This means different things to different people--everything from having a stable income and family life to playing in a band or writing a book. His techniques for getting there are simple, yet profound—tackling manageable goals, finding inspiration (in whatever way works for you) asking for help (even when you don't want to), practicing gratitude and meditation, and steering clear of people who rain on your parade.

Suggested Topics

  • Goal Setting and Personal Development in Recovery
  • Vocational Opportunities in Recovery
  • Finding Your Calling in a Meaningful Way
  • From Your First Year Clean to a Life of Your Dreams

What People Say About Billy Manas

“Billy Manas makes getting clean and sober a helluva lot cooler and more freeing than staying hot and messy any day!” Tania Katan, author of Creative Trespassing

“Billy Manas’ Kickass Recovery presentation at the 2019 Recovery Conference was enlightening and heartfelt with a twist of creativity. With his witty sense of humor and real-life experience, Billy Manas ignited an informative and engaging discussion about recovery! I would recommend Billy Manas any day!”
—Tonya Stokes, Substance Use Disorder Program Coordinator at Ellenville Regional Hospital