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Nacie Carson

Nacie CarsonSpecialties: professional branding, the gig economy, career evolution, entrepreneurship, Millennials in the workplace
Home base: Boston
Web site: www.naciecarson.com

Nacie Carson is a professional development explorer and business author who focuses her research and work on career evolution, entrepreneurship, the gig economy, and the Millennial work experience.
Nacie’s writing on professional development has been featured in myriad journalistic and media outlets, including Entrepreneur.com, FastCompany.com, Upstart (formerly Portfolio), Monster.com, and PBS Next Avenue.

The Finch Effect, by Nacie CarsonHer book on adapting your career to the changing job market, entitled The Finch Effect: The Five Strategies to Adapt and Thrive in Your Working Life, was published with Jossey-Bass in May 2012. In addition to contributing regularly to FastCompany, Huffington Post Women, Metro, and her PsychologyToday column, Nacie visits with a range of organization to present and facilitate workshops around her research. 

Suggested Topics

  • Creating a Competitive Professional Brand in Any Job Market
  • How to Think Strategically and Act Tactically For Increased Professional Success
  • Adapting to the Changing Job Market with Gigs
  • The Primary Audience: The Relationship between Brand, Success and Self
  • To Live a Life Uncommon: Integrating Work and Life in our Modern Economy

Video Samples

The Primary Audience: Brand, Success, and Self from The Communicators Club on Vimeo.


What People Say About Nacie Carson

“Every chapter of The Finch Effect is worth it… read this.”
—Chris Brogan, president of Human Business Works and bestselling author of Trust Agents and Social Media 101”

“Nacie Carson provides a presentation styling that is comfortable and easy for students to relate to, creating a safe environment for personal reflection and self-analysis.  With her professional background in financial services, consulting, and her entrepreneurial endeavors, Nacie engages her audience with both authority and familiarity that allow for a very productive and successful workshop.  After working with Nacie, our students are better prepared to make more fulfilling career decisions and will be more effective and valuable employees.”
—Kaithlyn Kayer, assistant director of Entrepreneurial Studies at the College of the Holy Cross

“Nacie is one of the most eloquent, engaging and effective speakers I have encountered across my career and my nonprofit work. She is highly skilled at connecting with the audience and follows a clear presentation structure making each of her points impactful while responding to the audience and allowing discussion to unfold naturally as well. She is funny, she’s sharp, she’s to-the-point and she will change the way you think about your career and your life –in a way that will reward you for years to come.”
—Emily Copeman, board member of Boston GLOW

The Finch Effect is the best book I've ever read on work and professional development in our current economy. If you are a young professional, recent college graduate, or soon to be college graduate, run don't walk to pick up your copy of this book. Also, if you are in your 30s or 40s, or are a more seasoned professional looking to learn how to be successful in the current economy, with all the changes that have and are continuing to take place, get this book today”
—Drew Tewell, director of recruiting at Career Choices Unlimited